Palani Murugan Temple

palani murugan

The Main Deity Lord Baladhandayuthapani (Murugan) is facing westward while the tradition for all the Leading idols in Tamilnadu is to look eastward. The temple is open all most for 16 hours. Devotees offer panchamirtham for abhishekam and receive it back as prasadam.

People throng around the temple at all times to witness the alangarams of Lord Murugan: sometimes in Raja Alangaram/king or in Vedan Alangaram/hunter or in vaithyan/doctor or in Aandi/monk Alangaram.

The temple is believed to be built in 5-6th A.D by Cheraman Peruman. Later the constructions are extended by Pandyas and Nayak kings.

The other names of Murugan at Palani are Kulanthai velan, Chinna Kumaran, and Dhandayuthapani.

Palani also has other temples to its fame. Some of them are Thiru Aavinankudi temple- Adivaram Temple for Lord Murugan, Periya Udayar Temple, Peria Nayaki Amman Temple, and Perumal Temple. All of these temples and nearby temples fall under the management of Palani Devasthanam.

The Moolavar and the Medicinal Powers

The main Deity in most temples is carved out of stone. But the difference in Palani is that the idol of Dhandayuthapani(murugan) is made out of the ‘navapashanam’ or nine kinds of medicinal minerals blended together in right proportions creating a layer resembling and feeling like wax.

This idol has endured centuries of abhishekams. A ritual where the idol is anointed with milk, water mixed with sandal powder, and various other natural flavoured liquids. Over 700 abhishekams are done on Karthikai day alone. The endurance of this idol can be amounted as a modern day architectural miracle.

The nine paashanams used in this idol are the main constituents of siddha science, a medicinal scientific technique developed by Siddhas. But speaking in terms of modern science, the constituents or compounds used in the idol would evaporate even under the slightest heat and the probability that forming a structure by fusion of these compounds is nil.Yet we could see the solid proof of this marvel infront of our eyes in this temple- as Arulmigu Baladhandayuthapani Swami in the sanctum sanctorum of Palani

The privilege of constructing this miraculous architectural feat belongs to Sage Bogar, a veteran of a scientific custom called Siddha which has now almost vanished. To know more about Bogar click here.

The abhishekam water of the idol is said to absorb the medicinal powers of navapashanams and acts as cure to many diseases

Such as leucoderma and asthma. It is believed that, the medicinal constituents of this idol have a certain amount of bacteria which come along with the water. The bacteria multiply within the water and when consumed they give miraculous cure to many incurable diseases

Temple Contact Information

Arulmigu Dhandayudapani Swamy Thirukoil,
Palani - 624 601
Tel : 04545 242236,241417